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Medical technology for a better life!

ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. has evolved into an exemplary
company in the medical technology sector and thus obtained great
acceptance. At the company’s success I was and I am still significantly
involved! And I am proud on it. My company has the following prominent

1. The growth of ATMOS is constant. We grow at a higher rate than the medical technology market. ATMOS has attained a significant market position in its 5 business segments and defined regional markets. We want to be one of the market leaders, i.e. the number 1, 2 or 3.

2. ATMOS offers innovations in service and product technology that exceed your expectations, we inspire our customers but are a ‘headache’ for our competitors.

3. The success of our company gives us flexibility and the freedom of decision.

4. We are resting solidly on at least 5 „main pillars“ (business segments). The service is an independent business segment with innovative service products, which supersede those of our competitors.

5. ATMOS has modern, ideal “business processes”. We have a process oriented organisation and not a department oriented organisation.

6. ATMOS has an exemplary „company culture“, tThe employees enjoy working for ATMOS. Target orientation and transparency of the strategic alignment are important for us. The company and our employees should benefit from our success, this has become reality.

The ATMOS trademark is and will remain a strong „brand“ in the field of medical technology, standing for quality and innovation.

8. Customers, business partners, opinion leaders, salesmen, subsidiaries and agencies enjoy the level of co-operation with ATMOS. This is as a result of the reliability, efficiency of deliveries, availability of information, innovative products alongside a first class service.

9. ATMOS employees are highly motivated, team-orientated, modern thinking and perfectly trained, they will go through ‘fire and water’ for their ATMOS. In our region we an esteemed company with good employee opportunities, this also applies to our subsidiaries

10. The conversion process from the exporter to the global player with international employees, from the handicraft enterprise to the industrial enterprise (with a new optimised work flow) is in progress. The modification to the model assembly operation has taken place. We employ external suppliers.


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