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For more than 100 years ATMOS has forged a dynamic portfolio of innovative products, technologies, and services across a wide range of medical specialties that have helped drive today’s advanced level of patient care. From its humble beginnings in a Berlin pharmacy to an international entity, ATMOS has paved a legacy of excellence in the medical device field. At the heart of this evolution is the concept of improving the standards of healthcare and providing patients with the highest quality of life. The current ATMOS line of products is a direct result of a long legacy of growth and adaptation, utilizing innovative technology to serve the needs of the healthcare market.

Today ATMOS is a global leader in ENT, Gynecology, Surgery, and Care market segments. The company’s exponential growth is attributed to its focus on quality engineering and cutting edge design, with improved procedure efficiency and patient outcome. ATMOS and its worldwide team are committed to serving healthcare professionals, institutions, and their patients in more than 70 countries. ATMOS continues to broaden its horizons with further expansion of their product line and their international presence.

Based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, ATMOS Inc. continues the tradition of excellence in the medical device field. With a highly-trained, dedicated workforce, ATMOS Inc. is fostering much growth and expansion in the American medical device market. Its high level of technological innovation combined with a devoted service center is the foundation of the company’s exceptional quality standards. ATMOS began in North America from modest means, and has since forged itself a strong reputation of quality and service nationwide. From their initial facility to their new location and expanded service center today, ATMOS USA has grown rapidly and will continue to pave its legacy in the American market.


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