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The advantages of the Patient Chairs E 2, E 2 e, M 2

The back rest of the Patient Chair E 1 and E 2 is infinitely variable from approx. 5° forward to the horizontal position.

By synchronous coupling with the arm rests and the leg support the chair is converted quickly into a long stable couch. With the model E 2 e, an electromotive adjustment of the backrest is possible.

The height-adjustable neck rest of the E 1 and E 2 can easily be taken off, if necessary. A foldable foot rest enables the patient to sit comfortably in a perfect examination position.
The seat from the E 2 can be swivelled separately by 90° to the right or the left. The electromotive seat height adjustment is infinitely
variable from 54 cm up to 74 cm.

After examination one press to the foot switch brings the chair back into normal position.

The upper part of chair can be swivelled by 360° and arrested in any position with the stop levers mounted on both sides (E 2) or automatically stops, respectively, at 90° (E1)


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