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Besides the basic equipment images and specifications also contain optional functions.

ATMOS S 61 Servant therapy

The ATMOS S 61 Servant Therapy module is particularly suitable for integrating a radiofrequency surgical device into the ENT workstation.

The radiofrequency surgical device ATMOS RS 221 ENT can optionally be integrated in a drawer. When the drawer is opened, all important control elements and handles with electrodes are at hand and are ready for use. The innovative radiofrequency technology is suitable for haemostasis (coagulation) as well as for the perfect cutting of tissue with less scarring (nasal concha). Radiofrequency surgery with bipolar electrodes is used in snore therapy (uvulopalatoplasty).

Safety has priority

The ATMOS SE 6501 Smoke Evacuation System module can be integrated within the ATMOS S 61 Servant therapy so that it can be easily accessed when suction of infectious aerosols is required.


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