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The innovative examination chair

the gentle alternative

The use of high quality instruments will ensure new and existing patients will visit your clinic. The flexible and height adjustable ATMOS Chair 41 Gyne examination couch will appeal directly to the generation of women today. Individuality in design, sensitivity and flexibility are key factors in making the ATMOS Chair 41 Gyne appeal to both consultant and patient.

Well-being, security and sensitivity are not simply words. They represent the targets ATMOS have set themselves in developing the ATMOS Chair 41 Gyne and to understand the needs of both the younger and older patients alike. The ATMOS Chair 41 Gyne strikes a perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and improvement in quality.

The most striking innovation by ATMOS is to answer the demand for a completely relaxed examination situation. The combination of comfortable, ergonomic leg holders and pre-programmed precision control for each seating and horizontal position frees you from restrictions during gynaecological examinations. This means greater convenience for you and increased comfort for your patients. Make the ATMOS Chair 41 Gyne your first choice and win your patients‘ approval.


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