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Does one of the following questions sound familiar to you in your daily work?

Do you find yourself perpetually searching for patients, appointments or findings?
The patient administration from ATMOS makes it easy to record and administrate the graphic diagnostic results clearly and time effectively.
In the current era of mandatory documentation this is a significant feature. The days of disorganised prints and poor image quality are over!

Do you demand brilliant image quality in your documentation?
The image quality of documentation is suffering increasingly from the combination of diverse badly matched components. Today, this is no longer necessary, with the ATMOS patient
administration you can rely on an optimally attuned system. Supreme image quality is guaranteed by the data interface IEEE 1394 (Firewire). Operation is extremely simple without
deterioration in quality.

Would you like to exchange your diagnostic findings with colleagues providing further
treatment to your patients?
Complicated, verbal descriptions and bad quality prints are the order of the day. On application of the ATMOS MedDoc it is so simple to transmit
the diagnostic findings per CD-ROM or by Email. Brilliant image quality is then a matter of course. This is also a significant aid at conferences and other events.

Would you like to archive only what is essential and to be able to retrace it within seconds?
No problem! A few mouse clicks during the diagnostic procedure. In this way only the really important items will be logged, you will not waste unnecessary storage capacity and you will maintain an overview.

Are all the individual components synchronised to each other?
Previous archiving solutions have been space-consuming, almost immobile and one had to decide for incompatible products from different manufacturers. Are you familiar with the associated cable clutter?
You can rely on a system with optimally compatible components. The data interface IEEE 1394 (firewire) guarantees perfect image quality.
Therefore, it is easy to integrate your visualisation system into an existing treatment unit.


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