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ATMOS fül-orr-gégészeti kamerák


ATMOS Cam 21 / ATMOS Cam 31

The new ENT camera: ATMOS Cam 21 / ATMOS Cam 31 – the first camera especially for the ENT doctor!
The ATMOS Cam 21 / ATMOS Cam 31 in detail:

The camera is the central element of a complex visualisation system. With the ATMOS Cam 21 / ATMOS Cam 31 you receive a product where all requirements are considered in detail.

The ATMOS visualisation system
ATMOS offers all the components which are necessary for an examination with a video system in the ENT field from one source. ATMOS fulfils your request for first-class image quality at an excellent price-performance ratio due to perfectly harmonized components.
Your advantages: You only have one contact person and if necessary you can rely on the worldwide ATMOS service network
Your advantages:

  • Perfect image quality for any application
  • Very quick adjustment of camera parameters to optics and light sources
  • Integrated image memory for record comparison (only ATMOS Cam 31)
  • You no longer need expensive light wave conductors thanks to optional LED light source

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Varga Zoltán
Tel/Fax: +36 1 335 6028
Tel/Fax: +36 62 499 477
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