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What is important when arranging your stroboscopic

  • Perfect image quality even in freeze image mode, ideal visualisation of the mucosal wave
    Vocal cords move very quickly, up to some hundred times per second. For your diagnostics, especially before surgical interventions a short and very bright illumination is important (flashlight stroboscopy). Therefore, not only the (unmoved) larynx is perfectly visualised but also what is really important: the rapid moving vocal cords.

  • High light intensity even with flexible endoscopes
    The use of flexible Naso-pharyngoscopes has its
    advantages: The examination is performed through the nose and at the same time the patient is able to speak, sing and swallow. However, due to the small diameter of the endoscope the light intensity is decreased – therefore a powerful light source for stroboscopy is indispensable for the use with flexible endoscopes.

  • Quick and reliable synchronisation
    The vocal cords move very quickly, the flashlight has to illuminate the whole surrounding area at a particular time. A split millisecond is important. Precisely with weak and irregular voice formation, a sensitive laryngeal microphone and sophisticated
    signal electronics are enormously important for being able to see focused images and a smooth
    progression of movement.

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