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ATMOS Cam 31 DV Data - Sharpen your focus rein Add product to leaflet

    The innovations

    No white balance necessary
    The special ATMOS ENT camera adapts itself to the light
    source at the press of a button – the white balancing is no
    longer necessary.
    Perfect image quality
    The perfect image quality is also ensured with the exchange
    between endoscope and for example microscope.
    Everything from one source
    ATMOS offers you all the components that you require for
    examination with a video system from one source in the ENT
    area – you only have one contact partner, and if necessary
    you can draw upon the worldwide ATMOS service network.
    Simple operating panel
    Through the pre-selection of application unit and light
    source the control module optimises 128 parameters in the
    background for the respectively perfect image quality.
    Software documentation with ATMOS MedDoc
    With the patient management system from ATMOS it is
    very easy, efficient and time-saving to record and manage
    graphic diagnosis results. An important feature in these times
    of obligation to maintain records! The times of unorganised
    printouts and poor image quality are over.
    No problems with flexible endoscopes
    With the ATMOS naso-pharyngoscopes the honeycomb
    structure of the image fibres is suppressed through the antimoiré
    filter. And this at the optimum image size and image
    You would like to have an individual colour calibration of
    your endoscope?
    We gladly offer you a suitable proposal for your
    calibration by an ATMOS service technician locally.


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    ATMOS MedizinTechnik

    Tel: +49 7653 689 – 0
    Ralf Kühnemund
    +49 7653 689-311
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    ATMOS Distribution ENT

    Roland Vöstel
    +49 7653 689-310
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