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ATMOS C 21 / C 31


The complete workstation- The designer-made unit


What is important to arrange regarding your ENT workplace:

  • Optimised, time-saving workflow By the perfect configuration of diagnostic devices and instrument
    management many patients can be treated – in many countries it is possible to treat 100 patients per day with the ATMOS C 31.
  • Ergonomic working
    You sit in front of your patient and you can easily bring him into the right position. This is time-saving and intricate adjustments of the chair are not necessary.
  • Compact system
    How much space do you have for the workstation? Even with little space available you need not give up part of your services offered.
  • Design makes you feel good
    During an ENT treatment it is important – for you and your patient – to feel good in a pleasant

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