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Radiofrequency surgery


Cutting with high precision for best cosmetic results!

Why radiofrequency surgery?

There is no damage of the surrounding tissue due to less lateral heating during radiofrequency surgery. This is an essential advantage compared
to kHz devices: less tissue necrosis and minimized scarring – thanks to the unexcelled precision even the first incision through the cuticle is now
possible with a MHz device!
With the new method the histological examination of excised tissue is now possible up to the tissue edge.

The problem of previous surgical methods

Aesthetic and plastic surgeons wish
– with regard to the patient – to operate with the best methods. Incisions with a scalpel are usually performed with traction and pressure, in doing so the tissue can slip especially in the case of soft or thin skin areas – a perfect aesthetic result is almost impossible.
Incisions with laser may damage the surrounding tissue due to the extreme impact of heat – a longer and painful wound healing may be the result.

Is there a better method which is even more favourably-priced?

The radiofrequency surgery offers new possibilities and has not any of the aforesaid weaknesses. The advantages are the perfect results and the simplicity of the method. More and more plastic surgeons can no longer imagine a
surgical intervention without radiowaves
– for experienced doctors with radiosurgical systems the advantages compared to the other methods like scalpel, laser or HF surgery are

Less impact of heat on the tissue speeds up the healing process and has a positive influence on the postoperative well-being. The incisions are smooth without the tissue being squeezed. The incision with the selfsterilizing radiofrequency electrode improves the haemostasis and results in an almost scarless wound healing.


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