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ENT workstation


The smallest complete ENT workstation which we know!

The ATMOS S61 Servant ENT Workstation is the centerpiece of the new ENT treatment system and with its modular design it offers optional all the functions you need for the treatment of your patients.

  • Powerful suction system
  • Ear irrigation module
  • Thermal nystagmus stimulation
  • Compressed air system for nebulization of medications
  • Innovative LED light module for headlight and light source
  • Instrument deposit and mirror heating.
    The ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation is designed for the demanding use in clinic and practice.
  • The solid steel housing provides the necessary sturdiness
  • High-quality material and lacquers which withstand the heavy-duty requirements (disinfectant solutions) in the outpatient department
  • Mobility due to the castors which are located on the rear of the device, enable easy cleaning of he examination room.
    The design of the ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation makes your patients feel comfortable in your practice. All the technical equipment is well hidden behind an appealing housing – however, all important functions and handles are perfectly arranged and provide ergonomic working conditions. Regarding colouring you may choose between more than 200 colours, so the system can be tailored to match your existing examination room.
    Depending on the requirements, it is possible to optionally upgrade the different modules, in order for you to adapt your workflow according to the increased patient through-put (automatic rinsing, instrument warming, and further modules from the ATMOS S 61 Servant line). This saves time and money.
    You can configure your treatment system by selecting function modules for the treatments you wish to carry out. After your initial system has been purchased, it is possible to upgrade the functionality of your unit if required. This can be performed on site by an ATMOS engineer so allows you to adapt your system to meet your changing clinic requirements.

Besides the basic equipment images and specifications also contain optional functions.


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