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ATMOS S 351, the suction specialist!

The „thinking“ suction system

Considerable demands are made with regard to the reliability of medical technology especially in critical operating situations. During your daily work you are exposed to a noise level, which should not be underestimated – you do not need
a rise in noise level due to the suction device employed in this connection!
To provide support ATMOS has a suction unit in the range that meets the following requirements:

  • Absolutely stable vacuum due to processor controlled regulation automatism
  • 100% precise vacuum setting due to sensor technology
  • Tissue protection function: prevents damage to sensitive tissue caused by adherent cannulas. Whenever a pre-set maximum vacuum limit is reached, a valve opens and the suction system
    „lets go“.
  • Automatic Standby Function: The system starts up automatically when secrete has to be extracted and stops when the secrete has all been removed..
  • In brief: small, mobile, quiet, safe and secure!

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